IG 001 Nigerian Customs Service current Style Nigerian Customs Service - current style
Roy Stammwitz collection 
Nigeria_obverse_long_service_medal Silver medal issued by Nigerian Customs Administration.
Obverse: In the upper semi circle is the inscription "Nigeria Customs Service" and the lower semicircle is the inscription "For Long Service Medal". In the middle is a five-pointed star beneath which is the inscription "Justice and Honesty". 
Nigeria_reverse_long_service_medal Display of two horses beneath the inscription "UNITY and FAITH"
Eyelet was damaged and the ribbon is unknown.

Ladislav Vallo collection 
IG_001_Nigerian_Customs_Hat_Patch_hand_embroidered Nigerian Customs bullion embroidered hat patch
Roy Stammwitz collection
NG_002_Nigerian_Customs_Hat_Patch_small_Type Nigerian Customs bullion embroidered hat patch small
Roy Stammwitz collection
Nigeria Nigerian Customs Preventive Service
Uncertain when this badge is from - very old kings crown on top of badge and the words Preventive Service - perhaps a leftover from colonial times for Nigeria, pre-independence???

Board of Customs & Excise Nigeria

Georg Gruber collection


Board of Customs and Excise Nigeria

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