How to Contribute to this site

If you want to contribute to this site, firstly you have to register. If you have registered, you will be assigned to one of several possible 'levels' of access - registered, author, editor or publisher. Each level has it's own corresponding requirements and privileges.


If you have the level of registered, you may view information restricted on this website to registered members, not viewable by guests

If you have the level of author, you may submit articles for publication to this site, subject to review (by me) prior to publication. You may edit your own articles for corrections, errors or omissions. You may not edit another users articles.

If you have the level of editor, you may view and submit articles, as per the above criteria. You may also edit other users articles for corrections, errors or omissions.

If you have the level of publisher, you may view, submit or edit articles. You may also publish submitted articles to the public part of the website.

Please view the attached article for more information.

How do I author documents?

This website has an inbuilt editor included, very similar to that which you are used to in commercial programs, such as word, etc., Most standard documents in this site have used tables within the document to provide some 'structure' relating to the presentation of insignia images. Importantly, if you wish to add an image to the site you must do the following:

1. Prepare your image on your own computer first, knowing it's file name (only images that are .jpg or .gif are useable on this site) and location on your computer.

2. When preparing to write a document, upload the image to the correct location first, using the 'Image' icon - this will result in a pop-up window appearing.

3. Navigate to where you have stored the image on your computer and select the appropriate image.

4. Select the appropriate country folder to store the image within - all insignia images are stored within the 'Insignia' folder and are grouped according to the country.

5. Once the image has been successfully uploaded, continue to edit / write your article. Once complete, select the Edit / Insert image icon at the appropriate location.