Counterfeit insignia Country  Genuine insignia
afghanistan thaylander


Apparent differences in colours (Green) and width for embroidered text

Afghan Customs Department current style 
albania thaylander


Colour variations, including lack of detail for the central falcon

AL 001 Shoulder Patch current Style very rar 
algeria 2 thaylander


Colour variation, altered text width, reduced detail to central image

DZ 002 Shoulder Patch current Style 
algeria old thaylander


Again, colour variations, differences to text

DZ 004 Shoulder Patch Train Controll Unit 
angola thaylander


Whilst I don't have a geniune copy of the patch reproduced to the left, the insignia to the right is an example of the genuine item. 

AO 001 Federal Finance Police Marine Service 
anguilla thaylander


Image to the right sourced from the Anguilla Customs website

anguilla website
antigua barbuda thaylander


No corresponding genuine image recorded on the website for this country

argentina thaylander Argentina AR 001 Shoulder Patch Aduana current Style
aruba thaylander


No corresponding genuine image recorded on the website for this country

AW 002 Customs Service current Style Color sand
ascension island thaylander

Ascension Island

No corresponding genuine image recorded on the website for this country

austria thaylander


Variation to colour, text style, detail.

AT 020 Federal Finance Ministery Customs Service 
austria 2 thaylander Austria  austria-11 
austria 3 thaylander


I have not previously seen a patch of the one presented at left, I have seen a badge however.

austria 4 thaylander


Different font, change of colours, lack of detail to central motif.

AT 014 Special Group Zollwache 
austria k9 thaylander


I have not previously seen a patch of the one presented at left

AT 011 Dog Handler worn from 1998-2000
bangladesh thaylander


Colour variations, map outline variations

barbados police customs thaylander


Changed colours, lack of fine detail

BB 002 Shoulder Patch old Style 
barbados thaylander


Colour variations, reduced quality and detail in reproduction

 BB 001 Shoulder Patch current style
belgium thaylander


Spelling and position variation detail changes

BE 001 Shooting Instructor Belgium Customs
belgium k9 thaylander


I have not previously seen a patch of the one presented at left

belgium k9 2 thaylander


Colour variations

 BE 002 Detector Dog Unit Belgium Customs
belize thaylander Belize BZ 001 Belize Customs  Excise current Style
bermuda thaylander Bermuda BM 001 Shoulder Patch embroidered Version
bhutan thaylander


Quality and detail missing from reproduction at left.

bosnia thaylander Bosnia  
brasil thaylander  Brasil  
cape verde thaylander Cape Verde  
cayman thayander Cayman Islands   
central african republic thaylander Central African Republic  
chile thaylander Chile  
costa rica thaylander Costa Rica   
Cote dIvoire thaylander Coted'Ivoire  
croatia thaylander Croatia   
czech k9 thaylander Czech   
djibouti thaylander Djiboouti  
ecuador thaylander Ecuador  
equatoria guinea thaylander Equatorial Guinea  
faroe island thaylander Faroe Island  
finland thaylander Finland  
france academy la rochelle thaylander France  
france asnd old thaylander France  
france asnd thaylander France  
france bomb squad thaylander France  
france coastguard thaylander France  
france la rochelle thaylander France  
france lesquin thaylander France  
france old thaylander France  
france section de tir thaylander France  
france services techniques thaylander France  
france thionville thaylander France  
french guyana thaylander French Guyana  
germany bomb squad thaylander Germany  
germany frankfurt old thaylander Germany  
germany freiburg thaylander Germany  
germany ger thaylander Germany  
germany k9 old thaylander Germany  
germany k9 police narcotics thaylander Germany  
germany mkg kiel thaylander Germany  
germany mkg thaylander Germany  
germany oez thaylander Germany  
germany selb thaylander Germany  
ghana thaylander Ghana  
guernsey thaylander Guernsey  
iceland thaylander Iceland  
india thaylander India  
indonesia thaylander Indonesia  
iran thaylander Iran  
iraq thaylander Iraq  
italy customs bomb squad thaylander Italy  
italy k9 thaylander Italy  
jamaica thaylander Jamaica  
kenya thaylander Kenya  
kiribati thaylander Kiribati  
kosovo thaylander Kosovo  
lebanon thaylander Lebanon  
liberia thaylander Liberia  
luxembourg thaylander Luxembourg  
madagascar thaylander Madagascar  
maldives thaylander Maldives  
mauritius thaylander Mauritius  
micronesia thaylander Micronesia  
myanmar thaylander Myanmar  
new zealand thaylander New Zealand  
niger 2 thaylander Niger  
niger thaylander Niger  
norway thaylander Norway  
palau thaylander Palau  
panama 2 thaylander Panama  
panama thaylander Panama  
papua new guinea thaylander Papua New Guinea  
paraguay thaylander Paraguay  
philippines davao thaylander Philippines  
philippines water patrol thanylander Philippines  
poland anti narcotics thaylander Poland  
qatar thaylander Qatar  
reunion thaylander Reunion  
romania thaylander Romania  
senegal thaylander Senegal  
serbia customs thaylander Serbia  
seychelles k9 thaylander Seychelles  
seychelles thaylander Seychelles  
south korea k9 thaylander South Korea  
south korea thaylander South Korea  
st martin thaylander St Martin  
st vincent grenadines thaylander St Vincent and The Grenadines  
sudan thaylander Sudan  
tanzania thaylander Tanzania  
turkey thaylander Turkey  
tuvalu thaylander Tuvalu  
uae dubai thaylander United Arab Emirates  
uruguay thaylander Uruguay  
wallis futuna thaylander Wallis and Futuna  
zimbabwe thaylander Zimbabwe  

Please find two displays by George Manosis

George E. Manosis Customs  Border Badges Badge display belonging to George Manosis, with some really nice badges
George E. Manosis Customs Border patch collection Patch display belonging to George Manosis, a total of 6 continents / 68 countries - ** WARNING ** this is an extremely large picture

Thanks for the display! 

The following displays are those I have made over the last fifteen years and I am quite proud of them. The first five of these have been on active display at Customs House, Sydney, Australia for the last 10 years.

Australian display Australian Customs insignia. This includes all known badges (one from every state), patches, rank insignia and identification discs ever produced, up until the time the frame was completed, in about 2000 / 2001. It is probably the most complete collection of Australian Customs insignia in the entire country. This frame is currently on display at the corporate headquarters of 511 Australia, as a favour to a mate of mine. Framing costs for this display and the following two displays were considerable, however, I believe that the results justified the expense incurred.
Legacy US Customs display US Customs insignia, prior to the conversion to the Department of Homeland Security. Also currently on display at the corporate headquarters of 511 Australia.
Legacy Canadian Customs display Canada Customs insignia. Prior to the conversion to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, then to Canada Border Service Agency. Also currently on display at the corporate headquarters of 511 Australia
New Zealand Customs display New Zealand Customs insignia. Prior to the retirement of David Collins, regional director for NSW, I approached David and asked about the availability of any discretionary funds available for the permanent display of additional Customs Insignia from around the world to take place on different levels where staff were present. To my gratitude, some discretionary funds were made available and the following displays have taken up permanent residence at Customs House, Sydney.
Combined display Guam, Northern Marianas, Kiribati and East Timor combined display.
Combined display Hong Kong, Japan, China, Singapore, Iran, Pakistan, Liberia, Angola, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, Belgium and Guernsey combined display.
Combined display

Aruba, Bermuda, Curacao, Peru, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Marshall Islands, Cayman Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, American Samoa, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Belieze, Tuvalu, Pitcairn Islands, Norfolk Islands

German Customs display German Customs display.
Combined display Hungary, Slovakia, Iceland, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Moldovia, Ukraine, Bulgaria

Every now and again, I have the opportunity to come across books about Customs Administrations, about the hobby of collecting Customs Insignia and Customs Badges, even occasionally about the origins of Customs itself. Below, please find attached reviews and details of these assorted books. If you know of some that are of interest, please send me the details.

Official Administration Histories


"The Collectors" - A history of Canadian Customs and Excise, Dave McIntosh, NC Press, 1984. ISBN 0-920053-29-7. A colourful history of the early Canadian Customs and Excise. "For a great deal of its history, Canadian Customs and Excise has operated on the far frontier. Some of its posts are still remote from any settlement. The customs officer often accompanied, and sometimes preceeded, the pioneers. Before the Mounties appeared, John Goodson collected duties on the Klondike Trail in the southern Yukon by camping on the shore of a lake and wading out in his hip boots to meet the gold seekers in their boats." (Introduction, 1984)

Revenue Cutter

Kings Cutters and Smugglers 1700 - 1855 by E Keble Chatterton, author of "Sailing Ships and Their Story", "The Romance of the Ship", "The Story of the British Navy", "Fore and Aft", Cover art (left) showing Revenue Cruiser chasing Smuggler Lugger. Before firing on a smuggler the cruiser was bound to hoist his Revenue colours - both pennant and ensign - no matter whether day or night (from the original painting by Charles Dixon, R.I.)This book was located on Project Gutenberg. Copy is avialable for download here .

Duty men

**New addition"The Duty Men" - The Inside Story of the Customs, Peter Gillman with Paul Hamann, BBC, 1987. ISBN 0-563-20507-5. After decades of being as secretive as MI5, HM Customs & Excisehave come out of the closet with a bang. After 12 months of negotiation Paul Hamann of the BBC was given unique access to an organisation that took pride in never having been filmed or opened its doors to anyone. The programmes enter the world of crack Customs target teams - a world of 'the need to know': confidential breifings, coded conversations, covert radios, secret surveillance; of the long grind of information gathering; of the 'lift off'; and finally the drama of the 'knock', with months of work hanging on everyone getting it right with split second timing and no second chances.


**New additionNarc - Inside the Australian Bureau of Narcotics, Bernard Delaney, the Bureaus former Southern Regional Commander, Angus & Robertson, 1979. ISBN 0-207-14010-3. Why is Australia being flodded with drugs? How did our problem grom from small beginnings? Why are the country's seven drug law enforcement agencies unable to do much about it? Bernard Delaney, a former Regional Commander of the Australian Bureau of Narcotics, has asked himself these painful questions. He has taken a close look at his six years as a Narcotics Agent and tells it as it is. Hew recalls some of his biggest busts, in which he caught several of Australia's best known criminals. He reveals how the Bureau accompanied smugglers on a mission to Indonesia.


"Sumgglers and Sailors" - The Customs History of Australia 1788 - 1901, David Day, Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1992. ISBN 0 644 24751 7 and ISBN 0 644 25239 1 (leatherbound)"The early Customs officers were assigned to supervise trade and commerce, promote the manners and morals of their fellow pioneers and raise the all important revenue for the colonial unblushing account of the moulding of colonial Australia, as the Customs officers tried to impose order upon the often turbulent social and commercial landscape of the colonies."


"Contraband & Congtroversy" - The Customs History of Australia from 1901, David Day, Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1996, ISBN 0 644 33151 8 and ISBN 0 644 35545 X (leatherbound)"It was Customs officers who were charged by the new Commonwealth government in 1901 with constructing and defending the tariff wall that was designed to protect Australia's growing industries while also providing revenue for the widening range of governemnt services and activities...It was Customs officers who enforced the tightening censorship imposed during the 1920s on everything from books and films to bubble gum wrappers and 'whoopie cushions'."


"A Pictorial History of The United States Customs Service", Arthur Settle, Crown Publishers, New York, 1975, ISBN 0 517 519070"This is the dramatic story of the United States Customs Service, one of the oldest government agencies in existence...this volume depicts the varied activities of this agency down through its long history, from the time when it was the infant nation's prime source of revenueto the present, when it still earns for the government more money than it spends."


"World History of the Customs and Tariffs", Hironori Asakura, World Customs Organisation, Brussels, 2002.This book details the development of Customs from ancient times in Mesopotamia through to the modern Harmonised System. There is some information contained within that relate to Customs symbols. A worthwhile and far ranging publication on the history of Customs throughout much of the world.

Customs Insignia related publications

  "Federal Law Enforcement Patches, Volume I" Image coming soon.
Sherrard_encyclopaedia_vol2 "Federal Law Enforcement Patches, Volume II" An illustrated reference manual, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Taylor Publishing Company Dallas, Texas, 1987, ISBN 0 914503 01 4Probably one of the seminal reference books of the current period detailing not only the insignia of the US Customs Service (referenced under Treasury), but also including many other federal agencies, including Defence, Justice, Interior and a myriad of others. A most worthwhile addition to any serious collectors reference library.
Sherrard_encyclopaedia_vol3 "The Encyclopedia of Federal Law Enforcement Patches" A Comprehensive Collectors Guide to Over 4,000 Federal Agency Patches in Striking Full Color, Raymond Sherrard, Korea, 1999, ISBN 0 914503 07 3An updated version of the seminal reference for US Federal insignia, updated with over 4,000 images of US Federal insignia. A most worthwhile addition to any serious collectors reference library.


"G-Men Badges", A chronology of Federal Law Enforcement Badges, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Senior, 2008, loose leaf three ring binder. This book is to US Federal badges what Raymond Sherrards books are to cloth insignia. A most worthwhile addition to any serious collectors reference library. If you are after only the history of the US Customs Service, there is a shorter booklet, copyright 2006, "US Customs Service"

Fictional Customs related smuggling stories

Lightfoot_book "Agent Undercover" John Lightfoot, Blake Publishing, Great Britain, 1998, ISBN 1 85782 2110The story of an undercover agent working with handlers in the Manchester office of the Drug Investigation Unit of Her Majesty's Customs & Excise

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Customscollector? is a website to showcase the different Customs insignia from around the world. The hobby could be considered (in part) of the study known broadly as Numismatics, as far as the insignia here relates to the metallic medals, badges, coins and items of insignia. It could also be considered as part of the study known as Faleristics, according to Wikipedia.


How long have you been collecting?

I've been collecting for about 17 years, on and off. The first version of this website was launched in 1995/6 when I was just learning about HTML and customs insignia.


Why do you collect?

Just like stamp collectors, its a hobby and I find it interesting to unearth new and interesting Customs related insignia from around the world. Plus the generous nature of many of my fellow collectors and Customs Officers who are interested in showcasing and sharing their administrations insignia . The challenge for me is to obtain accurate translations about the different types of insignia, the symbology and the history of the insignia (for example, the French "flaming horn", which was presented to the Douane Fransais battalion - DF  in 1875) - such things are important and the loss of this history would be regrettable.


Can anyone join this website?

By all means, however, preference is given to collectors, Customs Officers (serving and retired), numasmists and academics interest in the history and symbology of Customs down through time. Commercial manufacturers are discouraged from applying, as this is a research and information gathering / sharing site.


How much do the insignia cost and where do you get them from?

It depends really. Officially manufactured insignia usually cannot be purchased, as they are often considered restricted items when affixed to uniforms. There is a misapprehension that such items can be obtained by unauthorised individuals. Yes, they can, from officers who leave their agency, if there is no collection and / or disposal process or serving officers attempt to sell complete uniform items on eBay or other trade related places. This has happened in the past and is part of the reason eBay has policies relating to the sale of defunct items. However, in my opinion (which does not necessarily reflect my departments position) the greater threat is from a currently serving officer who engages in corrupt activity, which threatens us all.  Restrictions on "social" / "fantasy" / "commemorative" patches are not quite as prominent - they may be due to the size of the original production run, or any number of other factors.


Is it legal to collect these insignia?

Depends upon the jurisdiction in which you are collecting. Be wise, join a collecting association in your local area / nation, document and professionally display your collection. Following these tips instead of tossing the items into a cardboard box may just assist you if / when someone from your profesional standards / local law enforcement comes calling.

Friday October 2, 2020

Some nice new images courtesy of Maxim Titov from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia x2, Finland and Tajikistan.

Armenia customs Azerbijan customs Customs Georgia Georgia customs 2 Finland customs Tajikistan customs

Monday May 11, 2020

Some nice new images courtesy of Roy Stammwitz from Belgium Customs. I particularly like the container control insgnia. Enjoy!

BE 003 Belgian Customs Special Unit G.A BE 007 Belgium Customs Detector Dog Unit V2 Customs Motorcycle Unit Belgium Customs Container Scanner Team

Saturday, April 11, 2020

We are certainly living in interesting times! I am looking to update this website with new images and information about Customs Insignia. I am looking to receive and update these pages with images received. Here are some of the latest additions:

Portuguese Customs Officer Cap Romanian Customs Officer Cap Slovenian Customs Cap Slovenian Customs Officer baseball cap Georgia customs Tajikistan Customs

Sunday, January 22, 2017

It has been a long time since this site was last updated. Many changes have taken place since that time and many images have been sent my way. Quite simply, I do not have time to address these additions.

So, I have had no response to my request for others to assist me with updating the website, so it will go into maintenance mode only, for now.

New additions in 2016:

Australian Border Force | British Indian Ocean Territory |Denmark | Fiji | Germany | Guam | Indonesia | Republic of Korea | New Zealand | United Kingdom | United States Badges | United States Hat Badges

In addition, I now have a small shop where I will advise of patches for sale. Payment is via PayPal.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome to 2014! As you can see, I have updated the template and redesigned the site quite significantly. These updates include:

  • Larger image thumbnails - so visitors can better see the thumbnails of each image. This was something previously under trial.
  • Removed the forum and member sign on requirements - those who had previously signed on as members will be progressively added to the collectors section, as will any images added to the forum previously.
  • Search options have been placed in the lower (footer) menu, as have most read and recently updated pages
  • Approximately 100 images are awaiting upload and addition to the site
  • Feedback on the new(er) setup would be greatly appreciated.
  • Below, please find attached some recent submissions by Tanel Orro

Denmark old different ranksSweden cap and beret badges

11 May 2013

cestny-odznak-cs-cr-image001It has been more than three months since the site has been updated. Several issues have intruded upon any updates being forthcoming, including the following:

1. The site was defaced and access for members became problematic, this has subsequently been restored. Members are invited to request their login details be resent to their registered email address and then request a password rest.

2. A number of personal issues intruded upon my ability to devote as much time as I normally do to the website. These issues have largely settled down and I am looking forward to putting out a bumper round of site updates, including details about a new book from a retired Canadian Customs Officer.

3. Updates will include new images from Australia (published recently), USA, UK, Russia, Czech Republic and more. I welcome any new information and images for the site.

4. The accompanying image to the left is that of the Honour Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. The badge is awarded for exceptional merit in the performance of tasks for the benefit of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. It is made from silver plated alloy with dimensions of 42x30mm. It has the shape of a winged helmet and sticks, wrapped by two mutually entwined snakes, on top are placed gilded stylized letters CS. The accompanying ribbon, measuring 32x12mm is made in blue with a white stripe in the middle. Minature stylised letters CS are placed within (Image and information courtesy Jaroslav Polach). 



17 January 2013

Several new images have been added recently from the Canadian Border Service Agency, Ethiopian Customs, Hungarian Customs and from the United Arab Emirates. Image thumbnails are also progressively being made larger for easier viewing across all documents, so please, let me know if the increase in size is appropriate.

In the meantime, please enjoy these operational photographs of Russian Customs Mil 8, tender and SWAT team, courtesy recently retired Andrey Pervakov. Enjoy!

Russian Customs Helicopter Russian customs helicopter

Also, new insignia have also been proposed for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The collection, retention, trading or unauthorised possession of these items will be considered an internal disciplinary matter. What does this mean? Members of the general collecting community are okay, as long as they do not acquire them from a serving member of Customs and Border Protection.

11 December 2012

Seasons greetings to you all and I wish you a very merry Christmas and new year! Unfortunately, as we all know, Customs officers are usually busiest in the lead up to the vacation season. Be safe, enjoy the festivities and make sure you spend time with your loved ones.

As promised, the focus on fraund has commenced, with a new main menu item Counterfeit comparison (which is only accesible for registered members) of comparisons of items for sale on eBay and genuine articles. Once viewed, the detail (or lack thereof) of fraudulent items are easy to spot. This is currently a work in progress (with over 110 images to provide comparisons of).

Focus on fraud - fraudulent manufacturers insignia shown on eBay will also be listed on the site, so collectors can compare genuine items to fraudulent reproductions.



16 November 2012

As you probably know, there hasn't been a lot happening to the site for some time now. Well, since I have returned from a well earned vacation, I hope to update the site on a more regular basis over the coming months.

To this end, I have been undertaking some site maintenance and looking at making the site more secure, robust and relevant. This has involved updating the software for the site, editors, forum and backup. Not an insignificant task to undertake.

Also, I am now making the site member only access and all requests for membership will be by email - no more self registration, due to increasing amounts of spam / false registrations. If you would like to register to use the site, please use the "Contact Us" link in the main menu.

So, updates to come over the following weeks include the following:

Focus on fraud - fraudulent manufacturers insignia shown on eBay will also be listed on the site, so collectors can compare genuine items to fraudulent reproductions.

Customs in the media - links will be added for popular TV shows featuring Customs in action

Customs books - new additions to the Customs literature

I hope you enjoy these updates and I look forward to hearing back from you in the near future.



peru sunat badge28 July 2012

Well, due to the priority of work, updates have been slow coming through. However, the updates for this month are quite significant. Updates for several nations that have not previously been showcased are now present - with grateful thanks to Georg Gruber from Austria.

These new nations being displayed for the first time include the following: Trinidad and Tobago, Oman, Jordan, Ecuador, Malaysia and Macao.

Several additions to insignia from Peru, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Canada.

These new images are only viewable to site subscribers, as I am progressively restricting viewing the Customs Insignia to members only. Membership will however, remain free.



ICA patch18 June 2012

Well, it has been some two months between updates, so I thought it was about time to add some more insignia items to the site, starting with several items from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority on Singapore, a number of older warrant cards from Jersey CustomsGuernseyVietnamLibyaTurkey and Bhutan.


Also, in the members only forum section, Viv Wright, former Canada Customs and Revenue Agency member is writing a Masters level paper on the subject of change and change management in Government Services. Viv writes "My interests lie in the transition of Canada Border Services Agency from CCRA in 2003...This particular transition was quite succesful given the massive change of culture from revenue generation to an enforcement model...However finding documentation is quite difficult, as is first-hand annecdotes..."


So, I encourage you to drop into the forum, if you are current or former CCRA / CBSA officers and either reply to Viv in the forum or send him an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your (unofficial) views of the changes that took place.

These new images are only viewable to site subscribers, as I am intending to progressively restrict viewing the Customs Insignia to members only. Membership will however, remain free.




EULEX - European Union Office for Criminal Investigation Customs

10 April 2012

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Easter / Passover time.

Recently, I have recevied a number of new insignia items from several of our regular contributors, so thank you once again, for all of the additions that keep coming.

I'd especially like to welcome Brian Richard, Deputy Head of Customs (Danish Civilian Contingent Leader) EULEX Customs Component, KOSOVO and say thank you for supplying the site with images of the rank insignia used by EULEX in Kosovo.

This particular bullion insignia is from the European Union Office for Criminal Investigations (Customs) - thank you Brian for sharing!!

Also in the news recently, Ukranian Customs / Border Guards received a makeover ahead of the Euro 2012 football championship.

KV 001 Kosovo Customs withe Patch from T-Shirt

9 March 2012


Meet the latest addition to the site, Kosovo Customs.


We've had a number of new members join the site, which is fantastic. I am aiming to send via email a per month update on what's happening in the hobby around the world and to notify collectors of new members, in concert with an email list. If you'd like to participate, please sign up as a member to this site.


An update to the Operation Zanella Avalon social club patch - to date, courtesy of insignia collectors and members of the Australian Customs, Vanuatu Customs, Australian Federal Police, Queensland Police and members of the Australian Defence Force, a total of AUD$400 has been raised for the two Customs staff welfare funds in NSW and Queensland.


This fundraising represents a fantastic result and the managers of the Customs welfare funds in NSW and Queensland will be dispersed $200 per account. A very heartfelt thank you to the collectors out there who were keep on purchasing one or several of these patches for this effort!!


Additions to the site wil be delayed for a two week period due to some in service training requirements, additions will continue after this period. I will however be able to access email during this time.


zanella-avalon24 February 2012


A little bit of "back of house" housekeeping has been taking place over the last month or so, hopefully without too much interruption to site members and visitors. New additions to several Russian Federation groups, the United Kingdom Border Agency, Poland and Guam.

Pending additions over the next couple of weeks, with several hundred (yes, hundred) US Customs / Department of Homeland Security / Immigrations and Customs Enforcement / Customs and Border Protection images. I hope you agree with me that it has been a long time coming, with these updates to the United States.

After a recent multi-agency operation resulting in the interception of almost 300kg of cocaine (customs media release - police media release)

The patch was produced with 251 made. These items are being sold for AUD$10 per patch (postage extra) with proceeds going to the staff welfare funds in New South Wales and Queensland. To date $300 has been raised for the welfare funds, with hopes of reaching a total of $500 to $600.

The staff welfare funds are used in times of genuine need by officers, for example, during recent flooding (early 2011) in Brisbane, Queensland or at times of family misfortune (tributes at funerals, etc.,) Officers are voluntarily asked to donate $2 per pay


60 anniversary logo24 January 2012


The 26th of January of each year, besides being Australia Day, is also the 60th Anniversary of the World Customs Organisation (also formerly known as the CCC or Customs Cooperation Council - does anyone remember those beautiful international intelligence reports with the gold / copper cover sheet from the days before email?)


So, congratulations to the World Customs Organisation on the occasion of their 60th Anniversary!! The theme this year is "connectivity" - Borders divide / Customs connects.


In addition, happy Australia Day too!!


 10 January 2012


Welcome to 2012! I hope that you were able to have time with loved ones and friends over the busy festive season. Updates will continue to the site and I am about half way through the upgrades to the site.


These upgrades include integrated Google Translate and the ability to register on the site with your Twitter or Google account details. If you spot any errors or omissions, please let me know so I can update details for the site, thank you. However, if the website does appear offline over the next week or two, there is a reason for it.


Once the upgrades have been completed, I will be again asking for more images of insignia, so around the last week in January, please get ready any further insignia images that you consider worthwhile adding to the site.

14 December 2011


A special addition - I've started adding displays. To begin with, I have uploaded my collection that I have had framed, with some of the history behind these items and how I framed them.


Well, it is that time of year again when all good Customs Officers are on the lookout for the only man to have an exemption from detailed Customs scrutiny worldwide!! If anyone has images of Customs at Christmas they would like to see here, please email them to me and I will add them from now up until Christmas. Lets make this a really great Customs Christmas festive message.

Santa_customs Customs_christmas_wrapping_paper

Additions may be a little slow between now and the new year, however there are plenty of additions to continue adding over the coming weeks, including a special section on reproduction German insignia and how to tell the difference. 

Further to this, I have made accessing the forum easier now from the main menu. I'd like to see more of our visitors registering and for our registered members to consider using the forum more now that I've fixed this up a little bit. Suggestions are always appreciated!

07 November 2011

Updates continue, with recent additions to the United Kingdom, including a badge from the new UK Border Agency, IrelandIsle of ManJerseyGuernseyGambiaSt Helena and British Indian Ocean Territory. Unfortuantely, if you are not subscribed to the site, you will not be able to see these insignia now, as I have decided, as a security measure to reduce the public availability of many insignia to site subscribers only.

Oh! Before I forget, check out the following blog, "Why I became a Customs Officer". It is an interesting read and I must say, I enjoyed it!


16 October 2011


Identified!! Saint Georges Customs - Grenada

Unfortunately, it would appear that this insignia item may indeed be a fraudulent item.



14 October 2011

Several countries Customs administrations recognise the extremely valuable service their Customs Officers perform in protecting the community by way of official service medals. Such is the case with New Zealand, who were recognised in May 2008 with their Customs Service medal. Canada too recognise their officers with the Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal.

On a similar note, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has finally recognised the law enforcement role fulfilled by many officers, which commenced from 23 September 2011, eligible service counting towards the national medal commencing from December 1999. Congratulations to officers fulfilling recognised law enforcement duties!

If you know of other Countries that recognise members of their Customs administrations for their service, can you please forward details for inclusion on this site.

Thank you. 

20 August 2011

Updates continue apace, now with some time to spend on the site. These updates also include refreshing some of the odler images with higher resolution / better quality scans of some insignia, courtesy of Roy Stammwitz and Georg Gruber.


1 June 2011

I am very please to report that is now one year old, since having moved from an old HTML based static site to the much more user friendly CMS based system.

Statistics at a glance:

4,576 visitors to the site since 31 May 2010

2,405 images (I haven't done an accurate count for some time)

269 Articles

247 Countries and dependant territories listed (with a total of 269 articles for these countries)

17 Countries and dependant territories are currently absent, with several of these pending addition of their insignia. These are Botswana, Conga Democratic Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Jordan, Lesotho, Macao, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, Oman, Paraguay, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Sao Tome and Principe, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Virgin Islands US and Yemen.

4 contributors / article editors: George Gruber, Lawrie Weston and Roy Stammwitz 

3 May 2011

A recent development, regarding the identification of the old US Customs badge:

DSCN0421 DSCN0422 DSCN0426 DSCN0427 DSCN0430 DSCN0431

Courtesy of Kenneth Lucas Sr. producer of "G-Men Badge's - A chronology of federal law enforcement badges" which he has for sale on his eBay site, I have managed to identify the above badge from approximately 1893.

Once I contacted the current owner of the badge with the history behind the item, he has indicated that he is looking to part with the item, in his words, "I believe an item such as this should possibly be with a collector that actually has an interest in the item if indeed it is of interest to someone. If you know of someone who would be interested in this item please let me know, I would ask for a small donation for the grand children's account."

So there you go.

If you are interested in this badge, please contact me and I can forward the current owners details. Negotiations are then up to you.

25 March 2011

As a courtesy to collectors of US Customs items, I have recently updated the US Customs listing, in order to add the reference numbers from Raymond Sherrard's book, "Encyclopedia of Federal Law Enforement Patches".

I have updated these listings for one extremely important reason. Raymond is currently selling off his collection and, at the moment, there are plenty of US Customs items still available. The average prices for these patches are US$10 per patch.

For those of you who are looking to expand your collection, this presents a very rare opportunity to acquire a large number of insignia in a very short period of time.

To view his list of available items, please head to and go to "Patch Auction". I can guarantee these items will not last long!!

7 March 2011

Have received the following request today. A prospector in the Eastern United States recently made contact via email and stated the following:

"I am sending this e-mail because of a very old U.S. Customs Badge that I have. I am interested in it's history and age. I have been metal detecting for 35 years and found this badge approx. 2 years ago at a house sight dating back into the 1700's in Vermont. It was found approx. 12" deep with some old silver coins from the 1800's very close in the hole. It looks to be solid copper (Badge # 28)and still has the pin attached. I am looking for any assistance on the subject.

I found the badge on a property in Ludlow, VT along main street after obtaining permission from the business owner to use a medal detector there. I have not attempted to clean the badge in any way, it still has some soil and grass debris on it especially on the back side. It looks like it would clean up very nicely by someone with the appropriate skills. I am very interested in it's history and looking forward to your findings."

If you have any information about this type of badge, please contact me, so I can coordinate a response and also add the information to this site.

DSCN0421 DSCN0422 DSCN0426 DSCN0427 DSCN0430 DSCN0431

Dimensions of the badge are 2" in height and 1 5/8" wide.

14 February 2011

Well, into the new year with a bang!! Apologies to all for the delay in the updates, however, work does tend to come first!!

For something slightly different, but still with a Customs theme, please check out the BBC review of the latest Dany Boon film, "Rien a Declarer (Nothing to Declare)". Even though I do not speak French, the film shorts really appeal to my sense of humour. This film reminds me very much of the interstate rivalry between New South Wales and Queensland. I hope they do a version with subtitles, it looks like it will be a very humorous film. And yes, there are Customs uniforms and insignia aplenty!!

Still plenty of work to be done, uploading insignia to the site. Over the next coming months, the vast majority of information to be added will be from European nations, which I am most pleased about. Also, several behind-the-scenes enhancements to the site will be undertaken. I am still somewhat troubled by some people attempting to use images from this site to make reproduction insignia.

In order to address the issue of illegal reproductions, I'd like feedback from visitors. Should I make the majority of insignia information available only for subscribers, or should the information be freely available? Please, let me know.

Thank you!

25 December 2010

Seasons Greetings to all!!

Santa_customs (A little Christmas Customs humour!!)

Thanks to the additions for German Customs by Roy Stammwitz, there has also been a marked increase in the number of visitors to the site from Germany over the last month, which has been fantastic - thank you for visiting!

Now, I am in need of assistance, regarding French Customs. I have added approximately 75 French insignia. There are several divisions (Air / Sea, Customs School, GIR or Regional Intervention Group, Brigade Surveillance, Detector Dog Unit) within the agency. I would appreciate some assistance in correctly identifying the divisions and providing a small explanation about each insignia.



28 November 2010


Well, I hope you all are enjoying the updates to the site and the new forums. The new images supplied by Roy Stammwitz have certainly added to the body of knowledge contained on this site and many positive comments have been received. As the updates have been rolled out, I have replaced many of the smaller images with larger images from Roys collection.

Still, there are many more images to come.

27 October 2010


Work has commenced to upload all of the images supplied by Roy Stammwitz, as noted in the Recently updated, so keep checking back to see the latest additions.

The forum is now officially on line and appears to be working well. Martin Graul from Germany has posted his trade list of German Customs insignia items to the forum. I encourage you to visit the forum and contribute.

14 October 2010


Checking on our visitors, it appears we have a frequent visitor from Oklahoma, USA. If you'd like, please drop me an email and let me know what you think of the site.

Over the next two weeks, expect significant additions to the web site. Roy Stammwitz from Germany has forwarded his entire collection on DVD for addition to the site - a total of some 1,500 images (some of which are duplicates, some are not).

In addition, with the extensive additions to several European nations, there will be considerable re-organisation of the individual national collections.

Also, we now have our own forum for Customs Collectors to exchange information, ideas and insignia, all hosted here on this site. I am excited and looking forward to increasing the numbers of visitors and contributors to the site! In order to use the forums, please register your interest.