Mobile special unit - Xray Scanner
Roy Stammwitz collection


Sycoscan Douance Le Havre
Roy Stammwitz collection

persocompetenteradioprotec Issued to personnel competent in the use of Radiological protection


scan02 Mobile scanner, variation 1


scan03 Mobile scanner, variation 2


scan04 Mobile scanner, variation 3
fr_cs_skier_01 For the French skier items, they were official badges for skiing Customs Officer. To be a skier is a speciality only for skier Customs units (Chamonix, Pontarlier - units near mountain areas, for example). When you are this speciality you can move between ski areas.
This badge was worn between 1950 / 1960
IMG_0004 Variation of above badge

Manuel Ryckembeusch collection

fr_cs_skier_02 Before 1960 it was a school where Customs Officers learnt to ski, this item being the ski school badge
fr_cs_skier_03 Current style skier badge (there is no more Customs ski school, so this speciality is finished)

Variation of above badge

Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection

FR 036 Douanes Sports Team Ski Unit old Patch

Customs Ski Unit Sports Team
Roy Stammwitz collection


Centre for Cooperation Police and Customs (Spain) El Pertus

Manuel Ryckembeusch


Centre for Cooperation Police and Customs (Spain) Melles Pont du Roy

Manuel Ryckembeusch



Centre for Cooperation Police and Customs (Swiss)

CCPD means Center of Cooperation Police - Customs. There is one for each common border France /abroad (Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany - uncertain about Spain) In these centers Police and Customs officers mix their information and investigations

Manuel Ryckembeusch


FR 068 Joint Cooperation Centre Police  Customs City Ventimille

Centre for Cooperation Police and Customs (Italy) Ventimille
Roy Stammwitz collection 

France - DNRED Direction Nationale du Renseignement et des Enquêtes Douanières

English translation - National Directorate of Intelligence and Customs Investigations DOD Customs Operations Branch


Task Force Dragon is a special unit created on September 2008 in DNRED. Composed of 24 agents, its job is to fight against smuggling of goods coming into Europe from China. (thanks to Bruno Collin for information)

Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Direction Nationale Renseignement et Enquetes Douanieres, the National Intelligence and Investigation Division for the French customs. Scans proudly sent to me by Bruno Ursch & Manuel Ryckembeusch. Patch sent to me by Christophe! Patch meaning:
DNRED: Intelligence Branch
Recherches: Search squad
Green colour: Historically important to French Customs
119: Team number / designation
Red / White / Blue: French tricolour
Eiffel tower: Location - Paris
Eagle: Struggle against illicit drugs / steroids
Eagle eyes: To seek and destroy criminal organisations


Anti Terrorism Unit DNRED Golt
Roy Stammwitz collection



Patch DNRED DOD Lille - Calais


Roy Stammwitz / Manuel Ryckembeusch collections


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection

All images courtesy Roy Stammwitz collection

FR_059_Dog_Hanlder_Unit_left_Side_very_old Dog Handler Unit - left side, very old
FR_060_Detector_Dog_-_Narcotic_old_Style Detector Dog Unit - Narcotics old style

Detector Dog Unit - Narcotics - variation of above

Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


France Drug Dog Handler Patch
Bruno Laurens collection & Nicolas Marliot collection

Drug Dog Handler Patch variation ("S" missing from Douanes)

Manuel Ryckembeusch collection


FR_061_Detector_Dog_-_Explosives_old_Style Detector Dog Unit - Explosives old style

Detector Dog Unit - Explosives - variation

FR_062_Detector_Dog_-_Narcotic_current_Style Detector Dog Unit - Narcotics, current style

Detector Dog Unit - Narcotics, current style - variation


Manuel Ryckembeusch collection

FR_063_Detector_Dog_-_Explosives_current_Style Detector Dog Unit - Explosives, current style
FR_064_Detector_Dog_-_Tabacco_current_Style Detector Dog Unit - Tobacco, current style
FR_065_Dog_Unit_Garde_Patrouille_Text_Douanes Detector Dog Unit - Patrol Guard, current style
FR_066_Dog_Unit_Garde_Patrouille_Text_Douane Detector Dog Unit - Patrol Guard, current style

Detector Dog Unit - Narcotics, Chamonix region, current style.

Image also courtesy Georg Gruber collection