ACBP Rubber Patch Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
Rubberised patch with velcro backing, used by MEO's (Maritime Enforcement Officers) - Image courtesy Rod Johns
Shoulder Patch

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Current issue insignia

Australian Customs Torres Strait Torres Strait - Specialist Unit Patch
This patch has been specifically issued to the new Australian Customs Service aides, located in the Torres Strait area. Only Torres Strait Islanders, employed by Customs, are authorized to wear this patch.
Australian Customs Detector Dog Unit Drug Dog Unit (Version 5) - Specialist Unit Patch
This is the current patch for the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service Drug Dog Unit and was introduced into service in Sydney in August 1998.
The decision was undertaken to change the patch to better reflect the current crop of Drug Dogs and our breeding programme, namely the increased use of Labradors.
Detector Dog Program Drug Dog Unit - Proposed new insignia
DDUNew Drug Dog unit - Actual
Australian Customs Marine Unit Marine Unit (Version 3) - Specialist Unit patch.
Current issue, the wording has changed to reflect that the Unit is separate from Coastwatch
Customs Marine Unit Customs Marine Unit  - Proposed new insignia
NMUNew National Marine Unit - actual
Australian Customs Border Protection Border Protection Command - Current Issue insignia
Border Protection Command Border Protection Command - Proposed new insignia
Aviation Unit Aviation Unit - Proposed new insignia
CTUNew Counter Terrorism Unit