india_01 Indian Customs Rank Insignia
On the button at the top of the rank insignia are the words "Indian Customs Bombay". The figurine in the middle is of three lions.
india_hat_patch Kutasi Csaba collection


Roy Stammwitz collection
india_rank Kutasi Csaba collection
india_rank_bagdes Indian Customs rank insignia badges

Silver: Chief customs officer badge
Gold: Customs officer to Customs senior officer badge

Peter Andres collection

salt_abkaricustoms Salt & Abkari Customs
Prior to 1889, the Salt Abkari and Customs department were together, by the Madras Salt Act 1889, Salt and Abkari were organised under the Madras Salt department and it functioned from the Customs House at Madras. The Salt Amendment Act transferred the Madras Salt Department to the administrative control of Government of India in the year 1926. This was a major milestone in the centralisation of Modern day Central Excise Department
India Salt & Abkari Customs - Read more about these badges and the information above at the following link to Chennai Customs
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